Paper Shoot MY - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Paper Shoot?

Turn On: Press and hold the shutter button, located on the front of the camera, for 3 seconds until the first LED turns blue.
Shoot: To take a photo, click the shutter button, and the second LED will then flash blue for 2 to 3 seconds. Once the beep sound and light stops flashing the photograph has been taken.
Turn Off: Press and hold the shutter button for 5 seconds until the first LED goes out. Note: PaperShoot will turn off after 90 seconds if not in use.
Photo Effects: There are four photo effects, including, Normal, Black & White, Sepia, and Blue. These can be easily changed by flicking the photo effect switch left or right to get the desired selection.

How to tell if the battery is run down?

The first LED holding a continuous flash indicates a flat battery and must be replaced.
When your PaperShoot cannot turn on, this is also an indication that the battery must be replaced.Automatically shutdown or shutdown after press the shutter button.Two AAA Alkaline batteries will be required for PaperShoot, and can be accessed by unscrewing the plastic fasteners allowing the cover to be opened.

How to tell if the memory card error?

The second LED holding a continuous flash indicates the memory card is full.The absence of a memory card will also result in the right LED holding a continuous flash.Please use a standard SD memory card (up to 32 GB).

Both LED flashing: It means camera can't recognize SD card.

1. The SD is not inserted well, please remove SD and insert it again.

2. The T-flash is not inserted into the adapter.

Both LED flashing in turn: It means camera read error SD card.

1. Format the SD or try another SD under 32GB.

2. Unlock SD and re-try again.

Why I put batteries but can’t turn on the camera?

1. Please use Alkaline or rechargeable batteries(No zinc-carbon batteries).

2. Please check the right direction of positive and negative electrode of batteries.

3. The way of Turn on is hold the shutter button for 3 secs.

4. Please use “power bank” to connect with camera by the micro USB. If the camera can be turn on, it means camera works well. Please try to change good quality Alkaline batteries then the camera would work well too

How to access photo files?

To insert the SD card, push it into the memory card port until it clicks.
Photo files can also be accessed via the Micro USB interface and connection cable, which can be connected to a computer (PC or MAC).

How to attach hand strap or neck strap?

A neck strap can be attached to the camera via the fasteners.

Any other requirement for using Paper Shoot?

Do not expose PaperShoot to any form of water, including rain, moisture, dripping or splashing.

Do not subject PaperShoot to excessive vibration, force, or pressure.

Do not attempt to repair any unit by yourself.

Keep small parts in a safe place and out of the reach of children under 5.


What is the resolution and format of the photo taken by Paper Shoot?

Each photo has 5,038,848 effective pixels with JPEG format.


Why can’t I have a clear photo shoot?

A dirty lens can result in dirty photos, and must therefore be cleaned if required.

A poorly lit environment may cause the PaperShoot to incorrectly perform the auto focus adjustment function, which can result in an unclear photo.

Excessive reflection of light from an object within the picture may lead to blurred photos.

Pictures can also blur due to vibration while taking a photo.

Will there be any date information displayed on photos?

No date will be displayed on this version.